Wisconsin State Fair Traveling Spas

Before You Head to That Wisconsin State Fair Read This First!

You’ve been considering a hot tub. You’ve learned about the health and social benefits, and you really want one — but you also want to get a great deal! After all, hot tubs are expensive.

You get a card in the mail or see a sign on the highway. “Save 50%! This weekend only!” This seems like your chance!

Wisconsin State Fair Traveling Spas

BUT WAIT! … Remember what your mother always told you? If it seems too good to be true, it is. That applies to “too good to be true” hot tub sales, too, and here’s why:

Wisconsin State Fair Traveling Spas

High-Pressure Sales with Unrealistic Time to Decide

Another piece of sage advice is, “fools rush in“. High-pressure tactics like, “This weekend only!” mean one thing: these guys are in town to sell hot tubs, and out of town the second the sale is over.

Your local hot tub dealer is there permanently!

A-1 Pools is part of your local community. You don’t have to decide today, because we’ll be here next week, next month, and next year! We know that a decision involving thousands of dollars and a significant home improvement project isn’t one most people can afford to make overnight.

No After-Sales Customer Service & Support!

What happens when you struggle to get your water chemistry right? What happens if you plug up your brand new hot tub and — yikes! — it doesn’t even work? What happens in the event of a defective part or a leaky tub or features that don’t operate? Your high-pressure sales team is gone. It’s just you, your wallet, and a very expensive yard ornament.

Wisconsin State Fair Traveling Spas
Wisconsin State Fair Traveling Spas

Setup & Delivery!

Getting a hot tub isn’t like buying a grill or swing set. Most require some specialized setup. For example, full-size hot tubs require special electrical wiring. You can’t just plug these babies into your ordinary household 110 and fire it up. Additionally, a filled hot tub can weigh upwards of 5,000 pounds. This requires a properly poured concrete pad or a correctly reinforced deck. Place a hot tub on your back deck without reinforcing it to code, fill it up, and watch tens of thousands of dollars collapse in the backyard. We’ve seen it, and it ain’t pretty.

A-1 Pools walks you through the installation process, so your hot tub is as secure as a warm baby in a blanket on Mamma’s lap.

The Reality of Buying a Hot Tub Show from the Wisconsin State Fair

What to expect with those, "blowout savings"

High-pressure sales.

They can't give you time to look, think, and plan, because Monday they'll be on a plane to who-knows-where pulling the same sham on the poor, unsuspecting folks of Omaha or St. Louis.

Not the savings they claim.

Sorry, guys, the markup on hot tubs isn't enough to slash 50% off the price and make a profit. A reputable local dealer like A-1 Pools offers as good (perhaps better) a price PLUS all of the service and support you deserve after the sale.

No installation and maintenance support.

A very large, very heavy, very expensive spa gets quite literally dumped in your front yard. Setup is up to you, including preparing the foundation, moving that monstrosity to its spot (do you have a crane in your basement?), running the electrical, filling it with water, and navigating the chemistry of water care all on your own.

We're offering the same deals!

In fact, these sales are extremely common in our industry, and are in no way limited to "one weekend only!"

Customer service & honoring your warranty.

A-1 Pools is a registered dealer, and as such, we are able to back up any of our warranties and promises, as well as the manufacturer's. We're here next week when you're ready to test your water quality. We're here when you're out of town and need a maintenance plan to care for your tub while you're away. We're also here if something goes wrong, to offer the parts and supplies you need to get your hot tub purring like a kitten again.

Guidance through the entire delivery and installation process.

We don't dump your hot tub at your front door and shout, "Good luck!" as we drive away snickering. We work with you until your foundation, electrical, and other setup requirements are met. Then we orchestrate a professional delivery and installation that doesn't involve you and 6 of your best buds trying to wrestle a gigantic hot tub into place, while Bob blows out the circuit breaker and Tom slips and falls on the concrete pad. Homeowners' insurance up to date?

Take your time.

Come in and see what we've got. Ask us questions about sizes, shapes, jet counts, cabinet colors and styles, interior colors and styles ... whatever YOU want to know before signing on the bottom line. Take a test soak. Bring your brother and neighbor and mother-in-law in for a test soak, too. We'll be here when you're ready to buy.

Get the financing you need.

A-1 Pools partners with some of the best pool and spa lenders in the country. We offer multiple financing options to meet your needs. Fast decisions, and low monthly payments that allow almost any homeowner to get the hot tub or swim spa they want. When they want it. With the support and customer care they deserve, and payments they can afford.

Come kick some proverbial hot tub tires at A-1 Pools today and have peace of mind!

Done right, hot tub buying is something you should only have to do once or twice in a lifetime. A well-maintained hot tub lasts for years. Don’t you deserve the care, attention, and service only a local dealer can provide?