Spa & Hot Tub Accessories

A-1 Pools has everything you need to make your hot tub environment a true at-home spa experience. From durable steps and handrails to luxurious spa water fragrances, we carry products that promote easier use, better comfort, and enhanced sensory delights in your hot tub. When you have the best spa accessories at the ready, you also help promote the functionality and longevity of your hot tub. Take care of the hot tub that takes care of you, and you’ll enjoy several years of boosted wellness in your body and mind.

Smartop® Hot Tub Covers

Innovative Smartop Hot Tub Covers are built to last for the life of your hot tub. These American-made spa covers offer powerful benefits. They are extremely durable, require no maintenance, retain heat better than other covers, won’t become waterlogged over time, and are easy-to-maneuver (they can be handled easily by one person, thanks to the integrated cover lifter). These unique covers are even designed with automatic snow and ice melt so you never have to remove snow from your cover before you can access your hot tub.

We carry the full range of Smartop Covers, including the Upright 3.0, which requires as little as 8” behind the tub and provides built-in privacy and wind block, as well as the Vanish XL, where the cover opens into a low-profile position, providing you a wide open view. Visit one of our showrooms to experience a Smartop for yourself, and you’ll quickly see this is the hot tub cover you’ve been longing for.

Pro Tips on Spa and Hot Tub Accessories

By making your spa cover easier to remove and replace, a cover lifter encourages you to use your hot tub more frequently and without hassle. It is especially worthwhile for users who suffer from back or joint pain as it reduces the demand placed on the body when handling the cover. Additionally, a cover lifter can help extend the lifespan of your cover by preventing damage from improper handling.

Various types of aromatherapy products are available for hot tubs, with distinct therapeutic properties. Popular scents include lavender (known for its calming properties), eucalyptus (known for its respiratory health benefits), peppermint (known for helping soothe muscle aches and pains), and lemon (known for helping boost focus and energy). And when the season calls for a little more rich indulgence, you can always opt for a scent like Sugar Cookie or Holiday Spice.

The SmartDeck patio system from Leisure Concepts is a worthy investment when you need help establishing a flat, level surface for your hot tub or swim spa. Consisting of interlocking panels, you have the freedom to create large and small decks in a variety of configurations. The structural composite ribbing and textured surface offer solid support for the hot tub and its users. The ideal time to purchase a SmartDeck is during the initial hot tub sale. The spa service team at A-1 Pools will install the SmartDeck free with delivery. If you want to incorporate a SmartDeck into your setup after the sale, contact our service team, and we can help you determine the best course of action based on the hot tub model, space, and schedule.

Sundance® Spas offers the remote SmartTub® System to enhance the operation experience. All Sundance models made from 2018 onward are compatible with the SmartTub system. Bullfrog® Spas offers The CloudControl ™, a cloud-based WiFi-enabled control system that lets you monitor and operate your hot tub remotely through an intuitive app. You can add CloudControl to a Bullfrog Hot Tub at the time of purchase.

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