Acid Enhance, Pristiva, 1 Gal.



Acid Enhance is a great alternative to pH Down and Muriatic Acid for treatment of pH and Alkalinity in swimming pools. It is an organic salt that behaves and acts exactly like Muriatic Acid, but is safer and adds no sulfates (which is very important for salt water pools). Acid Enhance is easy to use, and unlike pH Down, requires no pre-dissolving. The dosage for Acid Enhance is one for one versus Muriatic Acid, but is much safer to transport and handle, safer for skin, VERY low fuming, will not corrode metal fittings and is gentler on the environment.

  • Reduces pH and total Alkalinity
  • One for One versus Muriatic Acid
  • MUCH safer to handle
  • Will not burn skin
  • VERY low fuming
  • Less corrosion
  • Will not corrode metal fittings
  • Safer to transport, store and handle
  • Much gentler on the environment
  • Helps reduce sulfate build-up which can lead to scaling
Specifically designed with salt water pools in mind. If you have a salt water pool, you should know that extensive research has proven that using sulphate based products like pH Down should be avoided. Use of these products can lead to the most difficult forms of scale that can damage ECG cells and pool surfaces.

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