Dry Clarifier, 6 Oz, Pro Team



ProTeam Dry Clarifier is for use exclusively in sand filters and will tighten up the filter media and allow it to pull more particulate from the water. When that happens, the water will look better than it did before its addition.

  • Increases filter efficiency by penetrating the sand with a highly effective polymer formula
  • Restores water quality after heavy bather loads or heavy rains
  • Use as needed to remedy hazy water or weekly to add sparkle to the water
  • Easy to use; very small doses required
  • Reduces sanitizer consumption
  • Product attracts all matter as small as 2 microns and captures it in the filter
Directions: Apply to filter after backwash cycle. Remove skimmer basket and any other material in skimmer. Add 1 teaspoon into skimmer for every 5,000 gallons of water in pool. Operate filter normally!

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