Mineraluxe Bromine Tab System Kit, 3 Month



Tired of complicated potions, soaking in chemical soup and feeling like you need a degree in chemistry just to own a hot tub? We have something better.

Mineraluxe.The way hot tub care was meant to be. Luxurious. Healthier. Simpler.

  • Keeps things simple
  • Superior performance
  • Unmatched clarity and comfort
3 principal reasons why Mineraluxe may be the best system for you:

Ease of Use

Mineraluxe has effectively balanced the difficult task of keeping hot tub care simple and easy yet providing the performance and results hot tub owners are looking for. With just 2 primary additions made once a week, the system fits well with hot tub owners looking to reduce the overall complexity of maintaining their hot tubs. With the weekly addition of Mineraluxe Cube and Mineraluxe Oxygen, applied at the same time, Mineraluxe keeps things simple. The only additional step is to maintain an effective sanitizer residual and to continue to maintain pH in an acceptable range, both of which should be standard practice with any hot tub system.

Mineraluxe, with its focus on Fusion Science, provides superior performance against the most common problems affecting hot tub enjoyment. Focused on prevention, the unique fusion of the all-natural mineral technologies in Mineraluxe Cube will control and remove scale and biofilm better than any other system. In addition, it will provide water that has unmatched clarity and comfort. Utilizing its unique anionic properties, Mineraluxe is able to work its way into existing scale and biofilm formations, lifting them from surfaces where they are then filtered out (remove). Following this, the mineral composition works to prevent new deposits from forming (repel). The net result is a cleaner hot tub environment that is easier to maintain, sanitize and enjoy.

The unique mineral composition of Mineraluxe provides a bathing experience that can best be described as luxurious. Users of Mineraluxe describe it as a velvet glove being wrapped around the body. The key to the exceptional comfort is the built-in moisturizers in the system. Mineraluxe has been found to significantly reduce or eliminate the harsh, dry effects of soaking in a hot tub. The result is a mineral bath of unparalleled comfort.

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