Spa Calcium Up, 1#, Pro Team



Easy to use and instantly raises Calcium Hardness in spas and hot tubs to the ideal range of 150 – 250 ppm which prevents corrosion caused by improper water balance. Properly balanced Calcium Hardness promotes better water balance and prevents degradation of spa surfaces.

  • Instantly raises Calcium Hardness in spa or hot tub
  • Raises Calcium Hardness to ideal range of 150 – 250 ppm
  • Prevents degradation of spa surfaces
  • Compatible with ALL forms of sanitization
  • Allows immediate use after treatment
  • Provides comfort to users
  • Easy to use application

Broadcast over entire spa water surface with pump running. 1 tbsp. per 100 gallons increases calcium hardness by 25 ppm. After 30 minutes, retest and adjust if necessary.

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