Sustain 3 In Tabs 25# Pail



Sustain® 3-Inch Blue Chlorinating Tablets, used according to label directions, will keep your pool looking great by providing routine sanitizing power all week long. These tablets contain a patented erosion modifier that allows them to deliver chlorine more consistently than conventional (white) tablets. The dispenser cup packed inside every bucket…- allows you to control just the right amount of chlorine for your pool with an easy-to-use adjustable lid.

  • Part of the Sustain Pool Care program Provides routine sanitizing power all week long
  • Patented erosion modifier delivers chlorine more consistently than conventional (white) tablets
  • Dispenser cup packed inside every bucket
Safety Information:

Sustain® 3-Inch Chlorination Tablets and Sustain® Shield Energizer Tablets are colored blue for safety. Do not mix with stabilized chlorine tablets (typically white). Contact could result in a fire or explosion.

Use only Sustain® 3-Inch Chlorination Tablets in the Sustain® Automatic Chlorinator. Use of stabilized chlorine tablets (typically white) could result in fire or explosion. Never mix blue and white chlorinating tablets.

Always read and follow label directions when using any chemical.

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