Sustain Seasonal Package Up To 15,000 Gallons



Once you open your pool – this package includes all that you need to maintain it for approximately 5 months! The only thing not included are your water balancers (since water varies from place to place pH Up or Down is not included in the package). Otherwise, simply maintain your pH and Alkalinity while following the Sustain 3 step system and your pool will remain crystal clear and algae free all season long. It’s as easy as 1 2 3!

  • Complete Sustain Pool Care System for a 15,000 gallon Pool
  • Approximately 5 Month Supply
  • Includes Test Strips
  • Includes Stabilizer (UV Shield)
  • Includes Summer Shield
  • Includes Energizer Tablets (Shock Treatment)
  • Includes Chlorine Tablets

One pack of Fifty Aquacheck 3 IN 1 Chlorine Test Strips.
Use these strips to keep your water balanced. Test your water at least 1 -2 times per week, especially after a heavy bather load, rain storm or after adding fill water.

Four and one half pounds of stabilizer (UV Shield).
Maintain the proper level of stabilizer as described in your instruction manual to protect your chlorine from the sun!

Two Quarts of Summer Shield.
Add every spring to protect against algae for the entire five month season.

Twenty pounds of 3/4 inch Energizer Tablets.
Use these fast dissolving tablets once a week to shock treat the pool and energize your summer shield.

Sixteen pounds of 3 inch Chlorine Tablets.
These tablets will maintain your chlorine levels all week long.

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