Community is About Caring

Pools and hot tubs, after all, are designed to help improve your quality of life, physically and mentally. When we say that we want our customers to know the benefits of perfect water, we mean more than bathing in water that is clean, clear, and balanced. We want our neighbors to experience enhanced wellness, vitality, and connection to others through their private, aquatic retreat. By making this investment in a healthy lifestyle, you strengthen your ability to care for yourself and others around you.


How A-1 Pools Gives Back to Our Community

At A-1 Pools, we apply this philosophy of caring for ourselves and others to our business model as well.

Top-Notch Customer Service

First and foremost, we contribute to our community by providing top-notch pools and hot tubs as well as the services associated with maintaining them.

Family-Oriented Work Culture

We cultivate a family-oriented work culture where employees appreciate each other as people (not just as colleagues).

Continual Professional Development Opportunities

We grow with each other, and we carry that mentality into our professional development practices, regularly investing in training so they can better serve our customers and take pride in the work they perform.


A-1 Pools supports local clubs that enrich our community through financial sponsorship.

Get to Know The Akers

The Akers: A Hot Tub for a Veteran and His Family

While serving in Iraq in 2007, Tom Akers and his fellow troops were outfitted with 80-pound protective vests, adding significant physical strain to what were already long, grueling assignments. By the time Tom returned home in 2008, he had developed degenerative disc disease and scoliosis resulting from the intense, prolonged stress on his spine. Life went on for Tom, but his severe back issues persisted.

Then, in collaboration with Sundance® Spas, A-1 Pools donated a Sundance Hot Tub and the installation to the Aker Family. Leisure Concepts followed suit by donating hot tub accessories to complete the entire spa environment. This way, Tom could address his back issues through targeted hydrotherapy in the comfort of his own backyard. Today, Tom, his wife, Stephanie, and their children are enjoying their hot tub in their Wisconsin home. Learn more about their story in this video.

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