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Doughboy Pools invented the very first portable pool in 1947. Since then, they have built a reputation in the pool industry for manufacturing above-ground pools that are “bigger, better, stronger, and last longer.” A-1 Pools sells Doughboy pool models because we firmly believe that they live up to this long-standing reputation. For quality, longevity, safety, good looks, and versatility, Doughboy still offers the very best in above-ground pools for your backyard. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, and rest assured knowing that your pool comprises superior components and construction.

Key Features of Doughboy Pools

Steel or Resin Pool Frame

When it comes to Doughboy Above-Ground Pools, you have the option to select either a steel or resin pool frame. Steel frames are known for their strength and durability, while resin frames are made of a composite material that is highly resistant to impact. Both options offer exceptional durability and appearance, with only subtle differences in their composition. Doughboy steel frame pools use high-quality steel with a gauge that surpasses industry standards for the top rails and verticals. On the other hand, resin frame pools have frames made entirely of resin, including the top rails and verticals. Regardless of which option you choose, with proper care, your above-ground pool will continue to perform and look great for many years.

Doughboy Pools
Doughboy Pools

Super Strong Walls

It is crucial to ensure that your pool walls are sturdy enough to support the weight of the water. That is why Doughboy uses galvanized, corrugated steel for their pool walls, which is thicker and more flexible than the industry standard. These walls are made with a heavier-gauge, copper-bearing steel that is stronger than what is typically used in above-ground pools Additionally, the walls in Doughboy Pools have 2-3 times more corrugation than our competitors’ walls, making them weigh 50-100% more. This makes Doughboy walls exceptionally robust and durable.

Vinyl Liner

Doughboy produces their own vinyl liners using Therma-Seal™ Technology, a proprietary process that uses only 100% virgin-vinyl formula with low-temperature plasticizers and stabilizers, without any reprocessed materials. This unique formula offers exceptional thickness and pliability, (allowing for deep swimming areas of up to 7 feet with an expandable liner installed), as well as greater chemical resistance, puncture resistance, and UV protection. Every Doughboy liner carries with it a 100% lifetime warranty on the liner seams. Choose from a variety of prints, from textured patterns to solid blue, to complete the look of your pool.

Doughboy Pools
Doughboy Pools

Pump and Filtration System

The pump and filtration system completes the Doughboy Pool package. This comprises the skimmer, the pump, the filter, and the pool vacuum. Choose from 2 lines of powerful pumps to keep your pool water circulating. You can incorporate either sand or diatomaceous earth filters that remove particles from your pool water.

Entry Systems and Accessories

Doughboy features a range of entry features, including sturdy ladders, in-pool steps, and Doughboy’s exclusive In-Wall Entry Steps, which are specially designed for Doughboy Pools that have been recessed or are surrounded by a wooden deck. Additionally, Doughboy carries a wide range of pool accessories, including maintenance tools, handrails, pool covers, lighting elements, and much more to help make your pool ownership experience easier and more enjoyable.

Doughboy Pools

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