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Highly regarded for their technical innovations, Sundance® Hot Tubs are among the easiest to maintain. Their SmartTub® System, which is available as an upgrade for most Sundance models, features the most advanced technological and automation innovations in the industry. Sundance also stands out due to its Ozone/UV sanitation, horizontal filter with more surface area that enables longer intervals between cleanings, and Fluidix® Jets that create pulsating water without any moving parts.

Features of Sundance Spas

Patented Fluidix® Jets
Patented Fluidix® Jets
Sundance Hot Tubs offer a variety of massage combinations that can help alleviate stress and strain using their patented Fluidix Jets. These jets use a mixture of air and water to create refined massage sensations without any bearings that can clog or parts that can wear out. The jets are strategically positioned to reach pressure points commonly used in reflexology and acupressure, enabling you to enjoy a hydrotherapy experience that helps soothe physical and mental stress. Each Sundance Spa Fluidix Jet is designed to simulate a specific massage action, with each jet having a distinct role. Some jets create air-only streams that feel like gentle fingers massaging soft tissues, while others act like strong hands to deeply knead large muscles. Certain jets even replicate the rapid, stimulating techniques used in Eastern massage therapies. Even if you are unfamiliar with different types of massages, such as Swedish or Shiatsu, the range of massage sensations provided by these jets will undoubtedly refresh you.
Patented SmartTub® System
Patented SmartTub® System
Sundance Spas has developed the exclusive SmartTub System to simplify the use and maintenance of your hot tub. You can easily monitor and control your hot tub from your smart device, whether you are on the go or relaxing at home. Through cellular and/or WiFi connectivity, this feature allows you to seamlessly integrate your hot tub with your lifestyle, enabling you to compare, monitor, and synthesize your hot tub usage with your daily routine. Enjoy total control of your hot tub’s temperature, jets, lights, and lockdown features from anywhere. Automate your usage schedule for maximum efficiency. Receive real-time notifications, reminders, and usage reports to keep your hot tub running at peak performance.
Ozone/UV Sanitation System
Ozone/UV Sanitation System
All Sundance Hot Tubs are pre-equipped with the most effective cleaning setup in the industry. The CLEARRAY™ Water Purification System utilizes UV-C technology to provide the clearest and cleanest water possible. With over 99% of pathogens eliminated through this innovative system, there is a significantly reduced need to add additional chemicals, gasses, or byproducts that could potentially irritate your skin and eyes. Lab tests show that this system can reduce the amount of sanitizer required by up to 50%, which is especially beneficial for those allergic to chlorine or bromine or anyone seeking a simpler, more efficient maintenance routine.
Strong Support Structure
Strong Support Structure
Sundance models feature their Rigid Bond™ proprietary lamination process, which makes the spa shell stronger and increases its ability to retain heat. The SunStrong® Skirt is a UV-resistant, synthetic spa cabinetry that is durable and requires low maintenance. The whole structure rests upon a synthetic base which acts as a solid foundation that resists degradation from nature, moisture, and the elements.
High Energy Efficiency
High Energy Efficiency
Every Sundance Hot Tub meets California Energy Commission's (CEC) standards, which are the strictest in the global spa market. The hot tub’s heating element transfers heat to the water, which results in a significant increase in thermal efficiency and a reduction in operational expenses. A 3-layer Rigid Bond™ construction method enhances the strength and thermal retention properties of their hot tubs. The spa shell is layered with vinyl ester, polyester resins, and a unique laminate to increase durability. Additionally, full insulation is employed to fill the space between the shell and the skirt, resulting in prolonged water temperature maintenance and reduced heating expenses. Jet pump systems in these hot tubs are engineered to deliver optimal water flow while requiring less horsepower than a typical hot tub.

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