Water Care for Spas and Hot Tubs

The first and most critical ingredient in quality hydrotherapy is perfect water. That is why we at A-1 Pools carry an array of high-quality hot tub water care products to keep your spa water clean, clear, and feeling just right. From chemicals to test strips, we have the best sanitation products for hot tubs and swim spas so you can prepare your environment for peaceful solo soaks, aquatic exercise, and fun hot tub parties whenever you want.

Never hesitate to reach out to the professionals at A-1 Pools for any inquiries regarding your hot tub’s maintenance and water treatment. When planning your hot tub maintenance routine, remember to inquire about our free water testing services. Our team is always available to assist you with any concerns you may have so your spa environment can remain safe, healthy, and worry-free, the way it’s supposed to be.

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Watercare for Hot Tubs

ProTeam® Spa

A comprehensive selection of compounds designed to balance and clear your water, eliminate surface foam, break down dirt and oils in the filtration fabric, and more.

Watercare for Hot Tubs


Premium mineral sanitation products, including the @ease Floating Spa Sanitizing System as well as a variety of prefilled chemical systems that take all the guesswork out of your hot tub’s sanitation process.

Watercare for Hot Tubs

Natural Chemistry®

Hot tub maintenance products specially formulated to streamline spa care. Using smart technologies, these products help reduce the effort required to maintain spa water.

Watercare for Hot Tubs


Mineraluxe™ keeps hot tub care simple while providing the luxurious results hot tub owners want. Through Fusion Science, Mineraluxe's unique mineral composition helps prevent the most common hot tub maintenance issues and delivers a comfortable bathing experience.

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