Watercare for Pools

At A-1 Pools, our goal is to help our customers enjoy the benefits of perfect water. To meet that goal, we supply the best in pool equipment and chemicals to help keep your pool water balanced and circulating for optimal health and comfort. We select pool water care products based on their compatibility with the pool model we sell. Here, we feature a variety of brands and methods by which you can keep your pool water clean and safe for you and your loved ones.

As always, the experts here at A-1 Pools are here to help you answer any of your questions about pool maintenance and water care. Be sure to ask us about our water testing services when planning the regular maintenance of your pool. A clean, clear pool is a fun pool, and A1 Pools has what it takes to keep your favorite backyard pastime healthy and safe.

Watercare for Pools
Watercare for Pools

Sustain® Pool Care

Sustain Pool Care products and seasonal packaged kits.

Watercare for Pools

Natural Chemistry®

Natural Chemistry safe and effective pool chemicals.

Watercare for Pools


Mineral Water Easy with POOL FROG & FROG Leap® products.

Watercare for Pools

ProTeam® Pool Chemicals

ProTeam complete line of products for your swimming pool.

Watercare for Pools


Mineraluxe transforms your pool and hot tub experience with crystal-clear, luxuriously soft water.

  • Chlorine and Bromine Products Shop a variety of chlorine and bromine formulations, both in granular powder and tablet form.
  • Mineral Systems Lower your chlorine consumption with our natural mineral systems, such as FROG, Nature2, and others.
  • Pool Shock Shop a variety of chlorine and non-chlorine shock options to regulate free chlorine levels and destroy harmful bacteria.
  • Water Balancers Browse a range of top-quality chemicals for balancing your pool water’s pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, etc.
  • Algaecides Maintain an algae-free pool or cure a complex algae problem with the help of one of our high-quality algaecides.
  • Clarifiers Search options to clear your water, naturally enhance your filter or pull debris to the bottom for easy removal.
  • Stain Control Prevent harmful staining and scale from iron, copper, calcium, and other minerals with these quality products.
  • Phosphate Control Remove phosphates to make your water easier to manage while reducing the chance of algae formation.
  • Cleaners Use these helpful products to clean your pool surface and waterline as well as your solar and winter covers.
  • Saltwater Pool Chemicals These chemicals are made to work best in saltwater pools and companion equipment systems.
  • Winter Chemicals Prepare your pool for the long winter break with the help of these chemicals.

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