Pool Equipment

No pool environment is complete without the right pool equipment to support it. Pool equipment plays a critical role in ensuring the safety, cleanliness, and overall functionality of a swimming pool. The right equipment helps maintain the chemical balance of the water, control the water circulation, adjust the water temperature, and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and algae.

The pool’s filtration system and the pool pump are the two most essential components of your pool’s equipment pad. Additionally, pool heaters, specialty sanitation systems, and a variety of maintenance tools, such as automatic pool cleaners, are always worth including in your pool’s setup to enhance maintenance and overall functionality. At A-1 Pools, we have a vast array of pool equipment to keep your pool performing its best and to make your ownership experience as simple as possible.

Pro Tips on Pool Equipment

Choosing the right pool pump and installing a pool automation system can make your pool more energy-efficient. A variable-speed pool pump can yield significant savings on energy costs compared to a single-speed pump. A pool automation system can allow you to control your pool’s equipment, such as pumps, heaters, and lights, remotely from your smartphone or tablet. With an automation system, you can schedule when your pool equipment runs, ensuring it only operates when necessary.

Before browsing our inventory for a saltwater sanitation system, ask one of our staff about their compatibility with your particular pool. With Radiant Pools, salt systems are safe to use when they are properly installed and maintained.

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