Embassy Pools

Embassy PoolCo offers above-ground pools that are both affordable and of high quality. They are manufactured by Hollowell Industries, the same company behind the renowned Doughboy Pool line, ensuring that they uphold the same commitment to value and quality. Whether you prefer a round pool or an oval pool; steel or resin; 48 inches or 52 inches, Embassy Pools has a variety of options to choose from. All Embassy Pools are covered by a 20-year limited warranty on all pool components, with the first 2 years fully covered. The heavy-duty liners also come with a 15-year limited warranty, with the first 3 years fully covered, and the liner seams have a 10-year 100% warranty.

Key Features of the Embassy Pools

Embassy 3000 Aqua-Tru Liners

Embassy’s Aqua-Tru Liners are made with Therma-Seal™ Technology (the same proprietary process that Doughboy Pools uses when manufacturing their liners) to ensure optimal durability and function. These liners, from their sidewalls to their bottoms, are manufactured with a heavier vinyl to a “Tru” mil thickness, the most accurate measure of a vinyl liner’s overall strength. With proper maintenance, these liners generally last 50 percent to 90 percent longer than competing liners. The vinyl material is equipped with ultraviolet inhibitors that protect it from solar radiation and, thus, enhance its longevity.

All Aqua-Tru liners come with a 15-year limited prorated warranty, with the first 3 years fully covered against any manufacturing defects.

Steel or Resin Pool Frame

When it comes to Embassy Pools, you won’t have to worry about choosing between steel or resin frames since both options are built to last. You can, simply, focus on selecting the pool design that best suits your backyard, as all Embassy Pools come with high-quality frames that offer equal durability.

High-Performance Pool Walls

Embassy Pools feature the same hot-dipped galvanized copper-bearing steel wall found in Doughboy Pools. The walls undergo multiple protective coatings, including a unique epoxy coating on the inside, ensuring superior resistance against corrosion and condensation. The pool wall is constructed using thicker copper-bearing steel than what is typically used in the industry (i.e., approximately 30 to 60 pounds heavier), resulting in a stronger wall.

Embassy Pools

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